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About Me


My art is my Journey.  Life is the convergence of moments we collide within. Who are we to dare our collision be without uproar. Roar. The journey is never ending but along the way you will find Purpose; so go forth and Live with Purpose.

Escape Reality With Me

POETs DrivE SmalL CarS: Street Mix

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Melodies of March

Shattered Thought Compilation Volume 1 & 2

Sacred Sounds Presents: Poems on the Chainwax

Greatest Spits 2011

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April 2019 - #ThrowbackTracks

Every Day in April we will release some of our favorite throwbacks. Since 2005 DeTyme POET has been recording underground music of all genres. Follow Along:

01/30 - "Never Thought" POETs DrivE SmalL CarS 2007

02/30 - "What You Do" Ill Clinton Presents, Vol. 2 2015

03/30 - ???

... listen below